Julie Lake is a consultant and international Wish Teacher who works with women to shift the energy around what isn’t working for them and teaches them how to harness their own power to create their happiest and most fulfilling experiences. Her simple no fuss approach is widely known and she has worked with thousands of people giving them the power to put into action the steps they wish to take.

Julie walks her talk, she has always had a passion for personal learning, growth and self awareness, started her first business at 15 and has studied a multitude of modalities and transformational techniques. Julie teacheswomen the skills needed to reach their full potential and create lasting success and happiness.

She inspires women to learn from their own experiences, listen to their heart and tap into their own power. Women who work with Julie find that things just start falling into place for them and that struggle and conflict become things of the pastand develop the ability to not only change what is happening in their life.They also learn how to influence what is happening around them for the best outcome for everyone.

Julie is awakening, inspiring, insightful, refreshing and fun.

Julie has spent the last 20 years combining the personal learning’s of her own life experiences and how they imprint on your consciousness and set up a series of patterns that are repeated throughout your life. At the same time she has also learnt how to understand, listen to, accurately interpret and harness the power of her intuition and inner wisdom and combine these to create a powerful way of living where she has the ability to change what is happening in her life, and on a deeper level powerfully influence the repeated patterns and establish new better ones and create more fulfilling experiences for her and her family.

Putting her passions into action, has given Julie the opportunity to work with thousands of people in over 5 different countries. She holds a degree in health sciences and has studied extensively with private trainers and coaches in the field of transformation including Louise Laffey (creator of The WishTM).

Internationally, audiences have enjoyed Julie’s passionate, insightful and refreshing approach to living your full potential, being in flow and enjoying all that life offers.

Always thriving on what she enjoys Julie also loves new experiences, fine dining, cooking, personal training, yoga and spending time with her family and friends.

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new”
– Socrates